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About Kiatnakin Phatra

About Kiatnakin Phatra

Jeerawut Chavanaprayoon Sponsor News 01 Nov 2022

The ethos of Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group (KKP) has always centered around the concept of ‘optimisation’. Our business in commercial banking and the capital market optimise growth for our customers, the economy, and society at large. To safeguard this growth for the future, we believe there are few other investments more rewarding than in our youth.

That is why KKP is proud to be the first private entity to select and send Thai youth representatives to the APEC Voices of the Future (APEC VOF) summit, which has played an essential role in the collective growth of billions of people outside of Thailand and across Asia-Pacific since 2018. This event brings together young delegates from across the region to engage with elite business minds and top national leaders on a
wide range of political, economic, and social issues. It is a bridge between the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Each year, KKP helps to select young Thais who show a keen interest in world affairs (and an intrinsic commitment to building a better society as the country’s delegates) and sponsor their program expenses. The delegates then undergo training session with KKP’s top business analysts and economists, officially termed ‘the educators’, who will help guide them through workshops with their peers from other economies, as well as meet experienced world and business leaders present at the APEC forum to ensure a
rich discussion that is ground in information and goodwill.



The Voices of the Future that are heard today will surely lead us up to a more sustainable tomorrow as has always been KKP’s aspiration.